Saturday, April 16, 2005

ISB sets new benchmark for placements in India!

I just went through the 2005 placement statistics from Indian School of Business. Pretty interesting statistics they were!

Here are some of those numbers...

Highest International Placement : $181,000 (IIM-A's highest was $156,000 I think)
Average International Placement : $100,000

Highest Indian Salary : Rs.20,00,000
Average Indian Salary : Rs.10,01,539

For the uninitiated.. ISB was started in association with Kelloggs and Wharton. Professors (mostly Indian) from both those univs come to ISB as visiting faculty. They offer interesting courses to the students at ISB every term. (I think in ISB lingo, 1 term = 2.5 months). ISB offers one year high intensity MBA programs US school style. (Infact, I think almost every MBA school other than those in the US.. and probably the IIMs, offer only one year high intensity MBA programs).

Looks like India is doing well even in education now. Those international salary figures are probably what one would find in the second-tier MBA schools (rank 7 to 15) here in the US.

And those figures on Indian salaries?? Wow.. I'd love to be making 20 lakhs a year and living in Singara Chennai!!

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Blogger Metlin said...

Hey dude, how's it going?

Man, those stats are pretty darned good - didn't think it would be so high. These schools are on par with some of the better business schools in this part of the world.

Good for them I guess! :-)

Cheers, mate.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Rhapsoder said...

D00d!! Nice of you to drop in..

Yeah.. the stats are good and going up by almost 40% a year..
If you think about it, they provide you with a quick n cheap (but in no way easy) 1 year option to jump-start your career down the management line.. even if you want to live abroad.

7:16 PM  

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