Thursday, October 19, 2006

Electives begin

Term 5 began with a bang. The whole of ISB is buzzing with activity. Everyone is running around on different schedules now and it has an entirely different feel as compared to the core-terms. People have begun resume preparations in preparation for the placement season which is in February. Today we have the first Pre-placement talk (PPT) by SAP, Germany for a position in the US. I guess SAP will be one of the hot favourite amongst those who have a tech backgroud and are looking for a consulting position.
The club activities are going on hyper-drive now. The consulting club has multiple sessions lined up from companies like BCG, Diamond, etc in the next couple of weeks. Preparations for the consulting interviews (case analysis) will also kick off this week. I better start getting my act together. My resume needs a lot of work to fit back into the one page format. I cannot believe that I blew it up to 3 pages to apply to ISB and now I"m having trouble fitting it back into one page.


Miles to go before I sleep..
Miles to go before I sleep.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to too .. havent even started the resume prep seriously :( ..


12:48 PM  
Blogger chiranth said...

I'm surprised the dilbert website doesn't have a resume generator. It'd make my job so much easier.

3:53 PM  

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