Sunday, September 09, 2007

People Tsunami!

That's what I call what happened this weekend!

Saturday morning
5.05 am: Alarm rings.. bloody hell, is it morning already? Snooze it!
5.07 am: Alarm rings again! Damn it! I wake up groggily and brush my teeth
5.20 am: Picking up my towel, Frisbees and camera to head to the beach for Ultimate
5.21 am: Phone rings, KK calling. "Mxxx, where are you?? We're all waiting for you! There are already some 20-30 people here". Now, I'm surprised. I'm wondering what the heck happened! Usually we get about 20-22 people by 6.00am. Never anything like that by 5.20! I figured Mama hasn't reached either, so I'm the nearest guy with a Frisbee! Alright.. time to rush to my car!
5.29 am: I'm driving by the Besant Nagar bus stand, there are about 60-70 people nicely dressed up waiting for a bus. "Hmm.. that's a lot of people for 5.30 in the morning. Wonder where they are headed!"
5.30 am: I'm at the road leading to the beach and suddenly there are about 200-300 people walking away from there. "Hmm.. did I just miss a phenomenon on the beach? Was there some meteor shower or something? (that was the last time I remember so many people at the beach so early in the morning). But that still doesn't explain everyone being nicely dressed"
5.31 am: I turn into the beach and stopped in shock! THERE WAS A SEA OF PEOPLE! I could not see one inch of the sand on the beach. I look at my watch and figure it's still 5.31am only. What the heck are 10,000 people doing on the beach at this hour? There are people sleeping all over the beach. There are cars/buses/bikes all over the road. I could barely drive through them to reach our regular parking spot. I found KK and some 5 other people from the Frisbee gang there grinning! I was in shock! Apparently there was some late night/early morning mass at the Velankani church which is at the beach corner! People just stayed over at the beach after that!
6.00 am: We finally packed up and moved to the Thiruvanmiyur/Valmiki Nagar beach a few kilometers down the coast and played there.

I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of the Tsunami of People that had swept the Beasant Nagar beach that morning! We grumbled about having to move! But, well, all wasn't that bad. I managed to get a couple of pictures at the new location that made my trip there totally worth it! (Click on the pictures for a better view)

This morning (Sunday) we again got together, at the Beasant Nagar beach. We finally assessed the damage. There was litter ALL OVER THE PLACE! It was just like a beach in the aftermath of a Tsunami! There wasn't a foot of space on the beach that wasn't littered with papers, bottles, etc. Once again we packed up and moved down south to the Thiruvanmiyur beach.

p.s. What ever happened to people's civic sense? The beach can be such a beautiful place kept clean!

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