Friday, April 29, 2005


Vikram, Shankar and Harris Jayaraj are here to set the stage on fire!!

Just listened to the songs from Anniyan.. and MAN.. Shankar has brought out the best from Harris Jayaraj. In my opinion, Harris Jayaraj's music has been on the decline in the last year. After his superhit Kaakha Kaakha, he hasn't given us anything to write about. But, he's back with a bang with Anniyan.

Kannum Kannum Nokia and Kumaari are my favourites. I'm starting to love songs that have a mix of Carnatic music with cine-style/western music. Kumaari and Iyengar Veetu Azhage are songs on those lines. Good use of the mridangam. This is the first time Harris Jayaraj has used them so extensively in his compositions AFAIK. Harris also uses the Mandolin to good effect in Kumaari. The Stranger in Black theme is also pretty well done. Andangaka is a peppy number on a Ghana beat. Pretty well done too.. My least favourite in the whole album is Kaadhal Yaanai.. It has a different style to it, but it gets pretty monotonous after a while.

Here are some interesting pics from the movie..
Anniyan Picture Gallery @


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