Tuesday, June 07, 2005

MIT names planets after Kovai girls

MIT names two minor planets after two girls from Coimbatore. The two planets 17091 and 17092 were named Senthalir and Sharanya respectively after P.Senthalir and S.Sharanya from Avila Convent. This was to recognize their achievements in proving that growth could be suppressed using neem oil, in their research paper 'Suppression of Branching Pattern in Eucalyptus Trees'. This was 3 years back when they were in their 11th Std.

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MIT names planets after Kovai girls

Think about it. Research doesn't have to be all about computers, electronics, math and so on. It could also mean just looking at our rich heritage and traditions and learning from it. Not all research has to be expensive and path-breaking.. There is still a tonne of things we can show the world by looking into our so called "traditions". There must've definitely be a reason why those traditions came into existence. A lot can be gained by finding new applications for age-old traditions. Way to go Sharanya and Senthalir!!


Blogger FSN 2.2 said...

In a related story, NASA decided to name twin peaks on the mountainous formations discovered in Mars, Kushboo and Nagma.Debates are raging about what to name the deep valley that runs just south of the twin formations...

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Blogger Metlin said...

Dude, when there're folks like Dolly Parton, you think they'd even bother? ;p

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