Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chennai ISB Co2007 Meet-1 with Alums

These pics were taken at the Chennai ISB meet with alums held at Barrista, T.Nagar on 9th April, 2006. Alums have an (A) besides their names.

Jegan, Srivatsan & Prabhu with Divya(A)

Visesh & Venkatakrishna with Chaitanya(A), Anshuman(A) & Ajith(A) (face not completely seen in the picture)

Srini(A) and Narayanan

Sindhu getting gyan from Sundar(A)

Aarthi(A) with Srinivas & Venkatakrishna

Chaithanya(A), Prabhu, Karthik, Srivatsan

Srinivas, Venkatakrishna & Vishesh's turns for gyaan from Divya(A)

Pavithra & Karthik

Vijay watching Megh selling his Soulfull album to Ajith(A). Megh actually sold 20 CDs at the meet! (He'd also sold 3 CDs to the adcom during his interview. But that's another story!)


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