Friday, December 08, 2006

Chennai, the manufacturing hub?

Cisco announced yesterday that they are opening up a manufacturing plant near Chennai. Samsung did the same couple of weeks ago. Dell is already constructing is manufacturing plant. I think that AMD is also building a fab near Chennai(or was that Motorola?). Thats creating amazing job opportunities for a number of people. It will involve a large number of people who're not part of the IT revolution. People who're into the manufacturing and automation line.

The already existing Ford and Hyundai manufacturing plants add to the numbers.

Of course, I hope the infrastructure will improve around Chennai. Chennai's already choking with the number of people moving into the City. The roads have not improved fast enough to support such large industries. If the road network improves, and the commuting time decreases, the way I see it, the city will expand more outwards, reducing the pressure on the real estate prices. People wouldn't mind moving 4-5 kilometers farther away from the city if the transportation time is still the same!


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