Monday, September 01, 2008


The super hit song Kangal Irandal has been running through my head for the last month or so! My friends are sick of me playing the same song over and over in my car. A great listen to even those who don't understand Tamil.. this music has no barriers. Universally appreciated. I'm yet to meet someone who has heard this song and not liked it!

Saw the movie about 1.5 months back. Excellent movie. A little too violent for my taste though, which is what would stop me from seeing this movie again. But, amazing performances by the actors. The actor Jay playing the character of Azhagar does an amazing job. I love the way he has a special smile reserved for the heroine Thulasi (actress Swathy) as seen in the video. Jay's debut was in Chennai 600028 as the guy who moves from Royapuram to the RA Puram Rockers team. The heroine has also emoted her character beautifully. Apparently the director/producer Sasikumar (who also plays the 2nd lead character Paraman) gave Swathy minimal dialogues 'cause she's a Telugu heroine and could not speak Tamil. He has shaped the character beautifully so that Swathy can give maximum performance just with her acting. Nice support character selection too!

The music director James Vasanthan deserves a special mention. Name sounds familiar? Yes, it's the same guy who used to host the Top 10 movies which runs on Sun TV on Sunday mornings. Didn't know he could direct music.. but he's done an amazing job at it. There's an article on him on today's Metro plus.

A must watch movie.

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Blogger b a l a j i said...

Not sure if you knew it already, this song is based on a popular raga and many songs have been composed in this raga before.... like "azhagana ratshasiye" from mudhalvan, "chinna kannan azhaikkiraan" from kavikuyil....

in case you have an ear for carnatic, you can listen to the actual raga here....

its awesome

11:57 AM  

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