Monday, September 01, 2008

Men and women in humor

One of those forwards that everyone receives.. but I like the creativity shown in these images below, in expressing the same facts :-).

Okay, before people start accusing me of being chauvinistic, I'd like to make the disclaimer that I'm not one. On the contrary I am a big fan of the fairer sex.

Having said that, these are undeniable facts.. There's no right or wrong about the way men and women are.. they're just.. different. So, lets just look at it in good humor and appreciate how men and women are built so differently.
The first one, I never believed was tru, but now that a lot of my friends are engaged/married, and I've had a chance to observe these transitions rather closely :-). Whoever made this must've been totally experienced.

The second one, at least the men's route.. that's surely me!

And finally, the last one.. no explanations required. I wish though that I could flip the picture order.. and put the men's controls below the women's. Just to tell the women that men aren't really that complicated, and so don't have to be worried about so much!

p.s. In my opinion, none of these are true for the whole of mankind or womankind. But in general, for a majority of the people in either sex (meaning more than 50%), these observations hold good :-).

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