Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My job

For the technology lovers who read my blog.. here's an article on the product which I do marketing for in my company. This device is a sort of USB accelerator which allows you to download music into your phones much faster.
Today, if you take 1 song from your PC and put it on your phone through a USB cable, it probably takes you 2-3 minutes. This time is MUCH longer if you do it on BlueTooth or over the network when you download from your Telecom Operator like Vodaphone or Airtel.
Now imagine you downloading 2 or 3 albums full. You're pretty much waiting for 40-50 minutes for this to finish. So, it almost makes you think what the heck mobile phone makers are doing by putting in huge amounts of storage on the phone. It's not like they've given you any practical way to fill it up.
This article talks about that exactly and how the Cypress West Bridge solution is the answer to this problem. :-)
This article features a comparison of the iPhone, LG Dare, Samsung Instinct, HTC G1, and Blackberry Bold

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