Monday, January 25, 2010

Ah'bad Ultimate Open 2009

The tourney (Dec 26th, 27th)was awesome. Grass was good. I played for Stall 7 and had fun. The other team from Chennai was just pickup.. and they called themselves "Too Fat Too Furious" and they won! They beat us Stall 7 in the finals, and I really enjoyed the game even though we lost. I thought it was very fast paced, athletic and explosive. It gave some of the new Ah'bad players a feel for a good high level game. Personally, I went into the tournament wanting to do a couple of layouts just to get back into old cutter mode of thinking. It did happen. I had a layout score and a layout defensive bid. However on the defensive bid, Bajji too laid out and caught the disc just a cm in front of my hand. I'll not forget this catch! :-P. Next time I will be more aggressive! Being a handler for the last 3-4 years has taken away my mentality to take a couple of risky diving attempts at the disc.

More on the tournament in the following short article by Rahul

The article however does incorrectly state that I was the captain of Too Fat Too Furious! Poor Abhinav.. once again gets upstaged incorrectly. He was the captain that led the winning team. That doesn't bother me as much as the fact that I got classified in the Too Fat team! :-P.

Looking forward to Kodai FlyBaba 2010 in March! This time, many more layout attempts coming up! I'm visualizing it already! :-)

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