Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The geek in me - Part 2 :-P

Someone recently suggested that I try a Google search on my own name. I never thought much about it, until I tried it this morning.
Lo and behold, I found that one of my research papers back from NC State days actually was presented and published at a conference. I was pleasantly surprised when one of the links took me to the page of my research guide Dr. Ram from NC State. This was 2 years of hard work as a Research Assistant during my Masters. It was during the dot com bust days, and I had to leave NC in a hurry when I found a job in Colorado. I got caught up with settling down there, and focusing on my new job, and completely lost track of all that I did at NC State. I actually dug up this paper from somewhere in my archives this morning and read it! :-). I don't know if they ever productized the Lignin sensor!

“Mechatronic Design and Control of a Waste Paper Sorting System for Efficient Recycling”, M. K. Ramasubramanian, Richard Venditti, Manukaran Karunakaran, Tappi Fall Technical Conference, Chicago, IL, Oct 27-29, 2003


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