Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

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Only two words for this movie. SEE IT!
A very very touching movie. A must see for any human being from today's world. There were a lot of times during the movie that I felt ashamed of being a human being. I felt ashamed of the atrocities we are capable of doing. What is it in us that makes us so fanatical?

This movie is based on a true incident which happened nearly 10 years ago at Rwanda. This incident is one of the worst cases of genocide of the modern era. Nearly a million people were brutally murdered in a matter of 3 months. That's a MILLION. It went almost unnoticed. Think about it. The 9/11 incident which happened 4 years ago had less than 3000 people killed and we all know how much publicity was given to it and the amount of awareness about that incident. The director scripted this movie to show the world what actually happened there. The story is based on the true incident of an ordinary man saving a thousand people in the face of such brutality.

Watch the movie for what it represents.


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