Friday, August 19, 2005

Who Is More Intelligent?

This week's Metro Plus on The Hindu carries a very interesting article... Who Is More Intelligent? by Hemjit Bharathan. This is probably one of the very few unbiased articles on this sensitive article written by a male.

A few interesting observations made by the author in this article..

> A man's brain is around 10 per cent larger than a woman's. But, as once assumed, size does not determine intelligence.

> Research shows men are more prone to say and do things unmindful of how they will affect others. And this increases with age, for a tissue behind the forehead concerning self-control and consequences wears off.
A woman, who tends to use more sides of her brain on the other hand, is associated with tact, diplomacy and social sensitivity required of high profile university leaders.

>Women utilising better the regions that handle language and higher functions, narrate and discuss their emotions and feelings, while men who do their thinking with more focussed sides of the brain keep their worries low profile and carry on. Men are thus at times considered insensitive.

From a guy's perspective (mine?).. this explains a lot of observations I make on a daily basis. Women handling people better. Men handling stress much better, probably even keeping their cool in a crisis situation. Men 'appearing' to be insensitive. Women worrying too much..

Pat on the back to Hemjit for this very awesome article.


Blogger FSN 2.2 said...

Women handle people better? Has Hemjit never heard of that scary phenomenon known as PMS, that has terrorized mankind for aeons?

4:34 AM  
Blogger Manu said...

Lol.. can't dispute that statement. But in general, thinking from others' point of view.. I think they do it better. I guess thats what I was trying to say.

12:24 PM  

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