Friday, July 29, 2005

Cricket Fever!

The excitement is slowly building up. The BCCI is keeping its cards a big secret. Who will open with Sehwag? Will it be Dhoni or VVS Laxman or Suresh Raina? Former Indian spinner Maninder Singh has even suggested Yuvraj Singh! Add Ganguly's shortened ban and you have more confusion. He's eligible to play from the 3rd ODI. So, will he be considered as another opening in the absence of Sachin Tendulkar? My head reels on thinking at the number of possible combinations. The BCCI has kept their strategy so low key that even former Indian cricketers have no insight as to who will open with Sehwag.

A bunch of us from work are planning to get together to watch the matches (as much as possible). Problem with being in the US is that subscribing to the cricket matches as an individual is prohibitively expensive. Something like 250$ for every series. Even if we somehow all pool in to pay for the games, the friggin time difference is enough to drive one nuts. Among the bunch of us who watch cricket together, I'm probably the only bachelor. Unfortunately, I live about 15 miles away from the town where I work. The rest of the guys live near my work place. So invariably we end up subscribing for the games from someone's place close to work It takes a REALLY understanding wife (ofcourse.. not mine.. Duh. I'm not married) to agree to have a bunch of highly emotionally fanatical guys at home in the middle of the night.

However, all the games this series are day - night matches which gives us a good chance to catch atleast a big part of each match. Now comes the convenience of subscribing to the games from someone's place nearby. Hehehe, nothing like slipping out of work for a 15 min break to sneak a peek, especially when the game is at a critical stage. We will all probably be up at 5.00am driving over to the "match-watching" venue to try and catch atleast one innings before we get to work at 9.00am :-).

I am already having visions of Sehwag coming down the pitch, first ball of the innings and dispatching the opening bowler for a SIX. A HUGE six into the crowds!!


Blogger PSB said...

You the only bachelor? What about us (read that as poor desi students) d00d??????

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