Monday, March 27, 2006

Local Influence..

I was going through Prince Roy's latest post "Home Leave". He has gone back home to Texas for vacation after a 2 year stint at the US Consulate in Chennai. He's headed to the US Consulate in Taiwan after his vacation. I found it funny that he wants Dosas, Idlis, Sambar and "the dough-nut shaped things" (a.k.a. Vadas) in the grit eating world. While I'm here craving for Banana Nut Crunch cereal in the Idli eating world. Like he says.. its hard to ignore the local influence if you stay in a place for a period even as short as 2 years. It just creeps into your life :-). Prince Roy, I'll miss your posts on India. It gave me great entertainment for the last year I"ve been following your blog. It is indeed the end of an era.

However, Prince Roy mentions another American blogger in India. I'm adding Crawdad's Vice Consul to my blogroll. He is currently posted in the US Consulate in Delhi. The post on his Chennai trip made an interesting read. A neutral comparison of Delhi & Chennai.


Blogger Prince Roy said...

Thanks for the link and kind words, but I am in Texas, sir. My next post is Taiwan, not China, but maybe one day...

9:59 PM  

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