Monday, March 13, 2006

The Zen Experience!!

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Got myself a Creative Zen Vision : M (30 gig) portable media player. Its the equivalent of an Ipod Video. But much better.

1)4 hours video viewing time vs. the Ipod's 2 hours video time
2) Divx & Xvid format supported on the Zen
3) Built in FM Receiver
4) Built in Microphone
5) Extras like Calender, Organizer & Tasklist. Can sync with Outlook express for task list and contacts!
6) Comes with a leather pouch & wall charger unit
7) Can play video straight into a TV (requires additional wire which is 8$ i hear)
8) Noticeably better sound quality than the Ipod
9) Can create playlists on-the-fly just like the Ipod.
10) Don't have to use the Itunes interface to download songs to the player
11) Can upload songs back to the computer from the Player (the Ipod cannot do this)
12) Can create a separate partition for Data and use it as a Jump Drive.
13) Same price as the Ipod and hence better value for your money

1) A tad bit thicker than the Ipod. Otherwise the dimensions are the same.
2) Doesn't have the click wheel. Has a stripe pad instead. The stripe pad is cool, but, I find it a little too sensitive. I think I will take a while to get used to it!
3) Doesn't look as sleek as the Ipod. Having said that, I'd say the Zen still looks cool.

So.. weighing the facts, I'd say that the Zen is a much better deal than the Ipod. Cool, I am happy with the choice I made! Time to get clickin'


Blogger Bharani said...

I had a similar feeling when I bought my iRiver-H320 15 months back :) It has served very well throughout...Enjoy with your buy..Looks like a good deal with good features...


1:49 AM  
Blogger Ram said...

Thanks for the review. I was thinking about getting myself an iPod but will now give this one a serious consideration.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Manu said...

Bharani.. yeah, the iRiver also has much better sound quality than the iPods. Both the iRiver & the Zen use the TI mp3 decoder. Apple uses their own propreitory decoder which isn't as good DSP technology as the TI decoder.

Ram.. You're welcome. I've updated the review.. added some more points which I'd missed out.

12:40 PM  
Blogger FSN 2.2 said...

Does it have a lock button, so you dont end up changing songs endlessly?

2:16 PM  
Blogger Manu said...

It does have a lock button on the top right next to the earphone jack.

8:36 PM  

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