Monday, August 28, 2006


I will never attempt to fly by Go-Air from today! I had booked a ticket to Chennai from Hyderabad on the 31st Aug a couple of days back. I receive an SMS today saying that my flight has been cancelled due to "operational reasons".

What do I do with only my return ticket now?? No alternate arrangements made! And the customer service as pitiful. Outrightly said that there is nothing to be done. Just try and book another ticket for another time/date!

WTF??????????????? I"m REALLY pissed!

My advice to everyone. Pick SpiceJet or someone else. Don't be left in a lurch like me! It's just not worth it!


Blogger Vinay (a.k.a Resolute) said...

i've had similar fiascos in the last 4 months, mostly with Deccan...
(Maybe there's an opprotunity for an Indian Southwest Airlines .. hmmm.. let me pitch it in as my PaEV idea)

10:28 AM  

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