Friday, August 18, 2006

Talk by CEO

Sanjay Bhikchandani, the Founder & CEO of was here last evening to give a talk to ISB students enroled in the "Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture" (PAEV) course. He was the second in the speaker series after Manish Sabharwal from TeamLease. He was brilliant too. Very inspirational, very down-to-earth. The entire class was packed..with students occupying even the aisles and steps. is India's biggest company. It has survived the 2001 slump and is going public in a year or so. We got to hear the entire story of how things came about and how they became so big. He spoke a lot about what he did right and what he did wrong (all in hind-sight ofcourse). More and more inspiration to be

Just like Manish, Sanjay too said that they were at the right place at the right time. Ofcourse, Manish said it a little different :-). He said that he knew that they were at the right place and since they knew that, they were going to hang around there till it's the right time!

We finally managed to get hold of the presentation that Manish had used for his talk. And now I recall a few of the quotes used in his presentation...

* Never met an unhappy succesful entrepreneur, but met many unhappy succesful employees of other compnaies
* Don't let the 15 lakh loans you have stop you from being an entrepreneur. Infact, if you do things right, this is the least amount you will have as loans. And beyond that, the 15 lakhs will be a mere rounding error.
* Start a religion, not a cult... religion is the only one which outlives its founder!



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