Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Diwali and its after effects.

I was EXTREMELY thrilled to be celebrating my first proper Diwali in 6 years. I decided to take off from studying duties the evening before Diwali, till the day after Diwali. There was nothing specific/important to be done anyway (or so it seemed). I took great pleasure in gloating over the plight my fin-major colleagues who had a couple of assignments due on Diwali and the next day. Had a blast celebrating the festival twice. Once before sunrise (as per the South-Indian tradition) and once after sunset (North-Indian tradition). The evening party organized by the SLC was a blast. They spent quite a large amount of money on crackers and they had a spectacular show. They also had a DJ from outside belting out music and I had good fun dancing to it.

At ISB, ofcourse, everything pays-off or gets paid for. Working hard does pay-off. In my case, I am paying for hardly working those 2 days. The weekend passed and I figured that my work load had piled up neck high. I started off working on my resume one whole night so that a very helpful alum, AW could review my resume the next morning at the scheduled time. Slept at 5.00am. Post the review session, I figured I have a LONG way to go before my resume is ready. Following that, I've had 2 bad days of assignments with Pricing and Global Manufacturing Strategies coming up back to back. The Pricing course delivered a double whammy with twin deliverables on the same day. As a result, I was up again till about 5.00am and up by 7.30am this morning. Here I am, half dazed, half incomprehensive. Two classes to go today, with a case to be read for each one of them. Have to participate in class discussion if I hope to score anything in the Technology and Business Innovation course because it has a 25% CP grade. Besides, I really am interested in the discussions.

Post that, I have a Branding class, and then a probable group meeting right after that for Global Manufacturing Strategies for a 2 page deliverable due tonight. We are also presenting our first set of findings to our ELP sponsors tomorrow night and hence, whole of this evening and a large portion of tomorrow will go in preparing the presentation and document to be submitted.

At 12.00am midnight, the MouseTrap (IIMA's online strategy game) opens up. This requires about 6 continuous hours of time between tonight and the 27th to actively play the game. I feel like a Mouse Trapped by my timing schedule. Ofcourse, I do enjoy playing these online strategy games than writing a paper for a contest. I think I'm better thinking on my feet, rather than sitting and analyzing and writing a comprehensive report on some stuff I have no experience in.

Phew. If you were exhausted reading that post.. well, imagine my plight. I don't see any sort of light at the end of the tunnel (atleast for the near future). I hear that there are more assignments due day after, and the day after the day after. But then, they're not in my limited short-sighted vision. First things first. I need to get done with all these stuff and get them out of the way.

May the Lord have mercy on me.

p.s. Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank call for applicants just opened up today. I can see some sort of fervour building up regarding placements now. Though both companies appear to be looking for one person, I am hoping against hope that some 10 people get picked :-). Lesser heads to worry about before the actual placement week! SAP consulting and MAQ software follow next week I think.
Let the placements begin!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post. i wonder what u guys were doing till 5am for the pricing assignment. did u guys start questioning each other on everything?

3:03 PM  
Blogger Bosky said...

Hi ,
just stumbled upon your blog looking for alumni blogs. Im from the 06/IT from svce me self .nice blog.

All the best with your placements 8 )

Keep Clicking,

8:48 AM  

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