Monday, October 30, 2006

Ha! Trapped the mouse!

We did well in MouseTrap. The results of the final qualification round are not out yet. But I think we made it in comfortably into the top 35. I think some 600 teams participated. The 4 elimination rounds were grueling I should say. Starting at 12.00 in the night is criminal. We were up till 4.30pm almost all those 4 days.
We had a slow start in the first round. Started off qualifying for the next round reaching only the 80th position. From then on we picked up good momentum as we learnt from our mistakes.
If this comes through, well, I'll have a problem again. I just managed to bring my resume down to one page. Now will have to kick out one more extra-curricular to fit this in. Well, I guess its better this way than any other :-). Embarrassment of the riches in this sense, is any day better than having to search for things to fill up space I guess!
It's been a while since I traveled to any place new. I hope we qualify! Looking forward to Ahmedabad.

Edit : Ha! Ahmedabad, here we come!



Blogger chiranth said...

Good going, Manu!

When do you have to go to Ahmbd?

12:04 PM  
Blogger Manu said...

I think its the 25th and 26th of Nov.
Term break :-)

2:03 PM  

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