Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Term 8 grinds on

In the last 7 terms, I have always followed the JIT strategy for submitting my assignments. These days, in term 8, I'm tending more towards the SHIT strategy.

For the MBA Newbies.. JIT = Just in time, SHIT = Somehow in time (I heard that term first from Doc).

Somehow, I feel that they should ban assignments in term 8. No one has any motivation to do these things. Instead, just make the whole class Class Participation based. This way, people will go through the case and the readings, But really don't have to sit and write stuff to turn in.

This weekend I will be taking a small vacation. Will be good to skip a few classes and really go do something else unrelated! Will be a good workout for my camera too!

In the meanwhile, everyone is starting to feel the cash crunch. 1 year of no income is starting to tell on people. With this vacation, I think I"ll be scraping the rock bottom to get through till my first pay cheque arrives!

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Blogger Sidharth said...

Congrats on the offer with Cypress!!

8:40 PM  
Blogger Rhapsoder said...

Thanks Sid :-)

11:42 AM  

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