Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day 8 - Embarassment of the Riches!!

Day 8 starts today and the number to be placed has reached single digits. Job market seems to be amazing.

At the same time, it's a little sad to see so many great companies going back empty handed 'cause no one is attending their interviews today! I just came back from the Placement Control Desk which co-ordinates the whole event. Today they're really scrounging around to find students to attend the interviews!!

Brings me back to the same point I made in the last post. Lot of students were shortsighted this placement season! For example, today there is a leading international Real Estate firm on campus and no one left in the placement process to attend the interviews! This would've been the most ideal situation for a student to do a career shift into Real Estate Finance which is one of the hottest sector now! All he/she would have had to do was to get up in the morning, go through the website for about 15 min, and attended the interview showing some interest!! Couldn't have been simpler. Tomorrow there's a good Consulting/Market research company coming, and I doubt there will be a single person left eligible in the placement process!! They do great work on best practices around the world, and are highly respected throughout the world! (Oh.. BTW.. there are hardly any people remaining on campus to even call on to attend interviews. Most students have taken off to party already! A little pre-mature perhaps? Maybe they could've bettered their previous salaries or found more interesting roles?). The placement cell is considering calling up the recruiters and telling them not to come, because it just doesn't make sense anymore for them to come here beyond this point.

So, an important take-away for the next batch students would be, to not let the pressure get to you. Start telling yourself that you will sit through atleast the entire placement week to find yourself the best fit! There is nothing achieved by getting out of the placements on the 2nd or 3rd day by taking up a job with a mass-recruiter who you don't even want to work for! The relief that you get by signing out of the placements, can sometimes blind you from the opportunity cost (the cost of the missed opportunity!). Today's job market is such that, anyone who can do mental arithmetic will probably get placed. Question would be.. are you getting a job with maximized potential for the future!

I can probably put up some pictures from the placement week in the next post.



Blogger Aditya Sarvjeet said...

Hey Rhapsoder

I'm Aditya class of 2008 admit.

Wud appreciate if you could share the firm's name reffered to by u as consulting/market research company doing great work on best id is

thanks & regards,

Aditya S. Bhalla

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