Sunday, September 16, 2007

Petrol Bunk fraud... watch out!

I had heard about this kind of fraud before, but witnessed it today FIRST HAND!

My cousin, nephew and me were headed somewhere, and we wanted to put some petrol in his car. So, he pulled into a petrol bunk (the one near ICICI bank on Sardhar Patel Road) and asked for Rs. 500 worth of premium petrol. I was seated in the front passenger seat, my cousin was driving and my 12 year old nephew was seated at the back. While the pump was filling in 500 bucks worth of fuel, one of the attendants leans into the car and asks my cousin if we were interested in some new petrol card promo they are offering. While this was happening, the attendant at the pump shuts the petrol off.. walked up to the display and types in 500! So, when we turned back and looked at the display, it showed Rs. 500 and so we thought that its all done. We were just about to leave, when my nephew told us that we were getting cheated. He had seen what had happened!

People, PLEASE beware of these kind of frauds. The attendant will purposefully make you park your car ahead just so that you cannot lean back and look at the pump itself very easily. Don't let them do it. And, if you do not see the number of liters of petrol pumped in, at the end of the transaction, along with the value in rupees, it means that they have manually entered the number in there, over-riding what the display was showing. Way to check it, is to get out of the car, and manually go hit the silver push switch where the pump handle will rest when replaced at the dock.



Anonymous Nithya said...

Yes, total cheats some of them are. I have even heard that they tamper with the meters so tht nos skip, which is not noticeable as they fill so fast!

Btw u have a good n interesting blog! Keep posting!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of ur posts remind me that"Good judgment comes from experience" and now its time not only to teach ourselves but also eveyone around us.

Good one!

Having said that I would like to hint that the language is very simple.I am sure it can be better cos then the visitors mite read it everytime all over again....Jus a suggestion

10:31 PM  
Blogger Arun said...

Just curious, so what happened next, did you guys get the petrol filled and created a scene?

8:58 AM  
Blogger Rhapsoder said...

Thanks :-). Keep visiting.

I think it is the way I write. I like to keep it simple. I for one don't believe that writing always has to be in bombastic language.

Well, he claimed that there was some electronic problem in the fuel pump. We were in a hurry, so couldn't do much. But, I made a mental note to write about it.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anjalie said...

We really need to make alot of noise about this. This is highway dacoity in a different form.

In Bangalore they do things where they initialy fill an amount of 100 instead of 500 as though they didnt hear you right. he then confirms with the other attendant that you indeed paid for 500. The cashier distracts you with some questions like a petro card offer or air is low on yr tyres or add another 10 Rs and he can round off the no of litres. Meanwhile the attendant resumes filling gas and fills upto 400. What you missed is that he didnt reset the initial 100 .

How many people must have got conned, and how much must these guys hjave made. Its happening in every other bunk.Ive been cautious after the first incident but have been amused to see them try it on me in other places as well. We need to make the public aware oof this. All bunks need to have another system in place to prevent this crap from happenning again and again.

5:26 PM  

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