Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cuban Salsa - Rueda de Casino

Cuban is my favourite style of Salsa, and the Rueda de Casino gets even more interesting because its dancing Cuban Salsa style in a circle with a group. If any of you have seen the movie Dance with Me, there is this particular scene where Chayanne and Vanessa Williams go to a Salsa Club. The dance they do there.. that's Cuban! :-)

Lots of people wonder what the difference between Cuban and LA style of Salsa. LA Style is all about the couple, and its about style, and how agile and fleet footed you are.

Cuban style is more community oriented. In Cuba, the dance evolved as a community outing. People go to dance with their friends and family, and hence it's more street style. It's more fun. It's more homely. It's about dancing with everyone in the community. And.. it's much easier to learn than the LA Style

Typically there is a King or the leader who calls out the moves in the Rueda, and everyone dances to the calls. Looks damn cool when people keep changing partners. Age/Sex/size.. none of it matters. The beauty of it all lies in the group..

Addicted 2 Dance (A2D) in Chennai teaches authentic Cuban Style. Infact, it's probably the only dance school in India which teaches authentic Cuban Rueda. I've been going there for the last few weeks and it has been great fun. I can't wait for the day when we take over Havana's dance floor on a Wed night and dance a Rueda!

The Hindu carried the article below on Cuban Salsa today in the MetroPlus Weekend session. Click here to check out the online article.

(yeah, I am in the picture)

The following is a video of how the Rueda looks like. It's a bunch of beginners of different ages performing together! Superb to watch!

And oh, here's the video from the movie Dance with me..

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Anonymous dew drop said...

hey thats really kewl and more interesting to note that the dance is taught in Chennai (of all placesthe only one in India.. ahem ;-)

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