Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basics of giving someone a nickname!

I'm writing after a long hiatus from blogging! I've written 3 posts in 4 months, and I'm hoping to be more regular from now.

After all the whirlwind wedding trips to Anaimalai, Hyderabad and Delhi for my uncle's 60th, Mama's and V-R's wedding, and after my Taiwan business trip, I'm glad to be spending a few weekends at home.

Today, I was chatting with SC and listening to her oil-field jargon when I came up with the PERFECT nickname for her!


She protested of course, and then I had to explain to her the rules of nick-naming someone..

Basics of giving someone a nickname (Made up by me :-P)
a) Pick a name that's not common
b) Pick a name that embarasses the person a lot
c) Pick a name that people will want to know the meaning for
d) Keep calling them that till it sticks

Her first reaction was "NO WAY! Oily will stick!!"
Oh yeah.. sure.. oil is sticky!
Of course, then she said that she liked it and hence this doesn't qualify as a good nickname. So, I'm forced to add an addition to the basics list.

e) The person will try and claim that she/he likes the name just so that above requirements are not met

:-P. Mama, I dare you to call her that at home from now on!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back and with a bang! the other thing about nicknames is that its precedes the person. Like we don't know who SC is but we know Oily!

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To keep calling them the nick, I suggest also changing the name in your cellphone (& get everyone else to do the same thing); I've found that most effective for new nicknames! :)

3:18 AM  

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