Sunday, August 29, 2010

The new beauty..

My Adidias cleats lasted me almost 2.5 years. Only recently the sole has started coming apart, and the cleats are almost completely worn out. Those were the best cleats an Ultimate player could ever ask for. They were American football cutter cleats, and boy oh boy were they comfortable. My only other experience with cleats was almost 17 years ago.. when I was in 9th grade, and I remember them being very very uncomfortable and tight. And when I wanted to buy a pair 2.5 years ago, everyone said you'll have to get used to that uncomfortableness, and you have to pick one size less. But then this Adidas was like none before (or after). It had the comfort of sneakers, and the grip of cleats. They were a steal at $19 from Ross in Mountain View! I remember this Kodai Fly Baba tournament, some American from the sideline's remarking during the finals, that my cleats were the best model that have ever been created, and sadly, you can't find them around anymore.
About 8 months back I started hunting for my next pair. I was very disappointed that the model that I had was out of production, and I couldn't find similar shoes or 'upgrades'. I returned from the US empty handed. During my trip throughout Asia, I still kept hunting and still came up empty handed.
In India, I've been about thrice to every store in Chennai, and once in Delhi.
And finally.. I found one that I liked and were my size! Introducing my new cleats, the Nike CTR360. These are actually soccer cleats, and hence don't have the same amount of padding as the American Football cutter cleats. But nevertheless, these ones are the best-of-the-rest. Good comfort, good cleat heights (to last our hard grounds and not wear away in 2 months) and also decent looking. Hey, if you gotta do it, you gotta do it in style ;-). Watch-out Singapore Ultimate Open, the handsome pair is here. Lets see how long these last!



Anonymous Nithya said...

hahahaha.......Manu, u r MAD as ever!

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