Friday, January 14, 2011

Chennai Sangamam 2011 - Pleasant Surprise!

Got a chance to watch one of the Chennai Sangamam programs last night at Island Grounds. I went there primarily 'cause a couple of people we know were performing in the musical dance drama called Vaanam Vasapadum.
I was quite apprehensive and was mentally prepared to get bored as I usually don't have much patience for this kind of stuff.
But I was pleasantly surprised. There were lots of folk artists and even Hot Shoe Company dancers. The lady director Prasanna had done a very good job of mixing folk stuff with city stuff that you and I connect with, and put up a very good show. The energy levels of the musical was AMAZING. It was very high, and gave me a super thrill. The sound of live drums, and all other traditional South Indian instruments accompanied by live singers and the play actors and dancers was enthralling. I'll try to put up a video clip which one of my friends shot. Many of our city dance schools and play groups can definitely pick up a few leaves out of this book.. on how to maintain a very high energy level and get the audience hooked on to the program!

I'm a little disappointed that I'll be missing the finale on Bessie Beach on 17th. Work travel gets in the way.

But I strongly recommend this for people who're looking to try out something different in Chennai. It's worth it.

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