Friday, July 22, 2005

"Hormonious" Introspection...

No.. It isn't a spelling mistake. I meant to say "hormonious".

A very common happening in Madras.. women being molested on public transport services. I cannot comment about anywhere else because I have never lived anywhere else.

Here is an account of someone who was directly affected. She did something about it. A very bold move by this lady.. Kudos to you..

Train to Chennai..

A very interesting post by Fierysinews on Mangs' Train to Chennai.
The Dumb Stick

I couldn't agree more with Fierysinews' views. I don't know what to feel when I hear about such incidences.. It is always a mixture of shame (that the offender is a fellow male), sympathy (for the affected woman), understanding (from a guy's point of view). No, don't get me wrong when I say understanding. I am in no way justifying what happened. It IS wrong and deplorable.. But it is nevertheless a struggle I think most guys face. What does one say to something like this? I don't know..

I don't expect women to understand 'cause even I don't understand us fully..


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