Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thiruvasagam in symphony

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I am VERY excited! Just heard all the songs once (kindof in a rush). Looks like I'm going to spend the whole of tommorrow listening to the 6 songs over and over again. So far I've liked all the songs even though it was a rushed hearing. Ilayaraja's voice is fresh and suits the songs very well I must say. The entire album hasn't let me down and has lived up to the hype surrounding it.
Unfortunately having ZERO knowledge on Thiruvasagam hasn't helped me understand the lyrics and appreciate it. I need some of the Tamil literates to post some info about the Thiruvasagam and its fine points.

Edit : I listened to a couple of the songs once again and I realised I am actually not all that illiterate about the Thiruvasagam afterall. I was surprised that I knew most of the lyrics by heart(????). Its been 4 years since I've lived with my parents. But it looks like I have actually picked-up quite a bit of the Thiruvasagam because of many years of subconscious listening to my dad pray when I lived with my parents :-). To date, I think he still recites the entire(?) Thiruvasagam every morning. Ofcourse, I still do not claim to understand any of it.


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