Sunday, April 16, 2006

From ISB

This is my first post from ISB. First day was a blast except for the heat. Had fun meeting a lot of people I've been in touch with only over the internet. Just as it has happened with all the previous batches, there has been a fair share of introductions, re-introductions and re-re-introductions. We had our first address from the Dean and Deputy dean this morning. It was funny to watch people come in late for the first meet itself :-).
Ajit Rangnekar, the deputy dean, spoke really well. He had a myth buster session. He seems to have his finger on the pulse of the students' life here. He even joked about how single eligible students (both sexes) get "taken" by the end of the first term. Overall, it had us listening to him for about an hour without us realizing it.
We've all given our laptops for formatting to the IT department (yes, all laptops are formatted before and after the one year at ISB). So, right now, I feel cramped without access to the internet as and when I want to.
Starting tomorrow, the games and other fun events start. I have probably met about 100 out of the 425(??) people this batch. I can recall about half their names. We managed to get together a bunch of people to play Ultimate Frisbee yesterday. Ofcourse, everyone here are beginners, but I think everyone enjoyed it. We have the ice-breakers starting out tomorrow. We've all been segregated into sections (of 60 students I think). We go through the core-courses as part of these class sections. The ice-breakers are going to be inter-section events. I'm looking forward to them. Some fun before the roller-coaster ride gets into high gear. We have cricket, frisbee and other cultural events lined up for this whole week. Next week, the pre-term courses begin.
Looking at the current batch, it looks like there are about 70-80 people from Infosys. It also looks like there are about a 100 delhi-ites (the single largest group). It looks like there are about 30-35 Tamilians around from what I've seen.

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