Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And The Day After..

Today we discussed the Jones.Blair case in class. Prof. Ansari gave structure to our thoughts. The way he presented and classified things was amazing. It became very evident that there was only one real picture after he classified it, no matter which angle we looked at it from.

Got back our Eco assignment results. My group scored full points just like most people. However, I lost out about 4 points in my Accounts test. So, in effect I lost about 1/15th of 3%. Hmm, objectively looking, its almost a negligible amount.

But wait, that has put me at the bottom of the class almost! Do I want to be a Dean's lister? NO! Too much work! Do I want to slog it out? Hmm, maybe not that much. Do I want to have fun? Hell yeah! But, heck, I don't want to be at the bottom of the class either. Time to buck up a little!


Blogger Vivek Krishna said...

i am 70/78...the penalty of not discussing with anyone before submitting.I am happy i did that ;-)

4:47 PM  

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