Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Financial Accounting & Marketing Management

I attended my first classes in the core-terms yesterday. Financial Accounting & Marketing Management. It was interesting to see how prepared people were for the classes. People had evidently taken their pre-reads seriously and had prepared very well for the case study in Marketing Managament.
Marketing Management is being handled by Prof. Asim Ansari (Columbia Business School) and Prof. Jagmohan Raju (Wharton) both of whom are on the "who's who" list of Marketing in the world. Prof. Ansari is teaching the first half of the term and Prof. Raju handles the next half.
Financial Accounting is being handled by Prof. Mark Finn (Kellogg) and Sanjay Khallapur (ISB). Prof. Finn I heard was called to check the accounts of Enron and Worldcom when the scandals broke out. My section however is being handled by Prof. Khallapur.
Prof. Ansari was excellent. I liked the way he taught. However, I found Prof. Khallapur a little slow (not necessarily bad). I did some CP in both classes, but I heard that CP from the first 3 classes don't count for the grades. Sux.


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