Saturday, May 06, 2006

Work Hard.. Party Harder..

It gets more and more difficult to post on my blog as the days go by at ISB. The hectic schedule has caught up with me. Its been only a week, and so far in this week, we've read about 150-200 pages a day as PRE-READ for the next day's classes. It's been a struggle so far to keep afloat with the pre-reads. I have heard that once you let things slip, it'll be very difficult to catch up. So, for now, I'm trying my best to keep up with the prescribed reads for each day.
Weekend comes and it's party time. A big bunch of us from ISB had gone last night to this place called Aahala at Taj Krishna to party. Little did we realize that we'd end up with about 100-120 ISBians there. The party rocked! I'll flickr some photos when I find time!

Back to assignments now!


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