Saturday, June 24, 2006

Come Back Kids

YEAH! That's the new name for my group. We bounced back from the horrible performance in round 1 of Markstrat. We've jumped up from the bottom of the rung 18th place to 13th place across industries at the end of round 2 with some SOLID performance. In Marketing terms, on the BCG matrix, my firm now have two fat cash cows. Now, we have to look to get some star products in place.
Group E who screwed us in the first round, have done well again. They've moved from strength to strength.
We turn in the decisions for round 3 tomorrow morning 8.00am. We plan to protect our cash cows and milk them enough to get some star products in place. My gut feeling however says that the big fat cows will become a little lean this time. We are spreading our bets out and hence stretching our resources. Having said that, I think we have a small star in hand. Let us see how it goes.
Out for the night! Two gruelling days of Leadership Development Program in store for us over the weekend. Presentation skills improvement. It is going to be a big strain considering that this is the last weekend before the mid-term and realistically the only good time to prepare for the mid-term.


Anonymous Akshit said...

Thanks for the credit manu!!!!

Just hope v guys manage to stay ahead - there are lots of rounds to go still.......

9:37 AM  

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