Monday, June 12, 2006

Term 2 starts.

The term break came and went. And here we are already in Term 2. Today the classes started off with Competitive Strategy (a.k.a Comp Strat). We discussed the Cola Wars Case today. Coke Vs. Pepsi. Somewhere in the introduction to the course, they'd mentioned that the best way to stimulate interest has been proven to be Case Studies. I couldn't agree more. I loved reading for it. We had some analogies from Dell and their low-cost model. This course has 25% of the grade allocated to Class Participation (CP). So, as expected, there were a lots of raised hands in class and quite a lively discussion. I participated a fair amount I would say, so, hopefully I scored some brownie points. Arbit CP wasn't that high thankfully!

Today was also Red n Blue day for our section. It was fun to see the dining hall dotted with Red all over. Some pictures from the class. Oh.. and the class seating also changed today. I have new neighbours :-).


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