Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Better Strat!

HA! Bumper returns this decision in Markstrat! 6 decisions down. 1 more to go. We have managed a good turn around from our initial horrible performance. We are now 3rd out of the 18 contendors. My group and I are damn kicked about it! The topspot is still way out ahead. Let's see. Markstrat has been the most interesting I've done so far at B-School. Here's a small indicator of our performance so far.. the stock index of our company O. Now gotta hang tight and make one more good decision!

The pink line is the performance of my company!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please enlighten how a company fixes the price of the stock,
when i see volumes for the stocks
what does that mean that many stocks were sold or bought on that day, any help appreciated

5:16 AM  

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