Monday, June 26, 2006

Mumbai Dabbawalas @ ISB

The Mumbai Dabbawalas were here at ISB to give us a guest lecture on their practices. For those people who don't know what is so special about these people..

* Mumbai Dabbawalas are unique in their way of delivering lunch boxes to different locations across the city. According to a recent survey, there is only one error in every six million deliveries. That's a 0.17 DPPM!! And all this without the use of ANY technology.
* The Mumbai Dabbawalas also have the distinction of setting a record for Best Time Management with the Guinness Book of World Records.

Here is an article about this event which appeared on the Times of India.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello I am Kunal, a 2nd year student of the ICFAI B-School,Hyderabad. I am doing a case study on the famous Mumbai Dabbawalas. Well, I got to know that these guys actually visited you and delivered a lecture on their operations and practices. I have been studying them for quite some time and have not been able to find a flaw with their way of conducting their business. I want to know from you Sir, the answers to a few questions based on your discussions with them.
1. How do they plan to counter the threat from the company cafeterias that are coming up in each and every firm?
2. Why are they not expanding into other cities?
3. What about the funds they would require for future financing of their activities?
4. Finally, as per ur view, did you find any flaw in their business?

I should be very grateful if you could answer the above questions. I can be contacted at or

Thanking You,

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Priyanka a final yr student at ICFAI Gurgaon.We have been assigned a project on the Mumbai Dabbawals.After going through their site and oher articles on net,i have a couple of queries hovering at the back of my mind.They are:
1.How long would they be able to sustain their competitive advatange?
2.Could u please throw some light on their Business Model?
3.If fast food giants and ready to eat meals pose a threat to them,how are they going to accept the challenge?
4.Do they have enough funds for the expansion of the services they are offering?

I would be thankful to u,if u could pl address these queries and mail me on

with warm regards,
Priyanka Pandey

3:36 PM  

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