Friday, July 07, 2006

Microsoft's iPod killer?

Rumours of Microsoft's iPod Killer are all over!!
Apparantly, it is rumoured that Microsoft will attempt to lure iPod customers away by offering to give them the non-iTunes versions of the songs they've already bought.. FREE!!

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It is now official. Microsoft is set to launch this player by Christmas this year. Financial times ( carries an article on this.



Blogger NK said...

Related interesting article about why iPod customers are 'sticky'.

Even if what you say is true, all that it will achieve is put MS on a comparably level playing ground with Apple. But I personally think that until and unless MS' product is far superior, it will be difficult for it to surpass Apple's psychological switching costs !

8:20 PM  
Blogger Handful Of Hell said...

Feb 2005, Steve Ballmer was in India to inaugurate the MSFT campus when during an internal nationwide web meeting, a very senior Indian exec asked Steve B about what they had in mind to tackle the IPOD, to which Steve B in his ever churlish manner blurted, "Ok everyone, I want to know how of you think MSFT is in the music business. Please raise your hand if you do!" and not a single hand went up much to the chagrin of the Senior Exec. And now we have this!!!, what a shame.

12:00 AM  

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