Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Third Term In Full Swing

It's been 3 days exactly since 3rd term began and everything is in full swing already! The pace of the term has already hit me hard. The 4 subjects we have this term are Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management and Management Accounting for Decision Making. We've already turned in 2 homeworks and have 2 more due tomorrow night. Throw in a healthy dose of placement related work and you've got mayhem happening. I just turned in a thumbnail profile for the Student Hand Book which will be provided to prospective hiring firms. How the heck do you fit your entire profile in 60 words?? Tough job! But anyways, its done.

In the meanwhile, my ELP is going full swing. We have finished our initial round of interviews with the founders and senior managers of the firm for whom we're doing a market study. We have an idea of what is now expected from us. Now to chalk out a project scope and get on with it!

More time crunch follows!



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