Tuesday, August 29, 2006

funtwo's rendition of JerryC's Canon Rock!

[via Borax]

This is the boy with the 7-million views on YouTube. NY Times recently uncovered the identity of "funtwo". This guy's fingers fly all over the guitar! He's out of this world.

Quoting NY Times..

EIGHT months ago a mysterious image showed up on YouTube, the video-sharing site that now shows more than 100 million videos a day. A sinewy figure in a swimming-pool-blue T-shirt, his eyes obscured by a beige baseball cap, was playing electric guitar. Sun poured through the window behind him; he played in a yellow haze. The video was called simply “guitar.” A black-and-white title card gave the performer’s name as funtwo.
The piece that funtwo played with mounting dexterity was an exceedingly difficult rock arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon, the composition from the turn of the 18th century known for its solemn chord progressions and its overexposure at weddings. But this arrangement, attributed on another title card to JerryC, was anything but plodding: it required high-level mastery of a singularly demanding maneuver called sweep-picking.

The two related articles on NY Times are online here and here



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