Friday, December 15, 2006

Al Shugart... two minutes of silence for you.

Quoting Motley Fool..
In Silicon Valley lore, there's no greater story of rebellion than that of Apple and the Macintosh computer. That's why CEO Steve Jobs is still revered to this day. But before there was Jobs and the Mac, there was Al Shugart.

The father of Disc Drive industry passed away the day before yesterday. Al Shugart, the inventor of Hard Drives died out of a heart surgery complication in California.
One of the most flamboyant techie & entrepreneur that the Valley has created. Too bad Seagate threw him out quite unceremoniously in 1997 from his own company. I have heard about how the company never had any bad times till he was in control and no one was ever "let go". Everyone in the company was still loyal to him and loved him. 300 people had walked out of IBM with him, when he first set out to start his own company back in the 60s/70s.
What would I give to be a leader like him?

Read more about him here.


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