Saturday, February 03, 2007

Good samaritans

My uncle and aunt get special mention at a website for doing good service to the community. They're both doctors.. my uncle is an ENT surgeon, and my aunt is an Eye specialist. It is amazing how they chose to move to Chengalpattu, a remote town, about 50 km from Chennai, after their marriage. They chose to setup practice there, and are now known throughout the town. So much so that, this one time, me and a few other people were stranded on a train due to a derailed train ahead of us. The only alternative train that was sent, passed by Chengalpattu. We decided to get down there 'cause we were exhausted, and I hoped to find a way to my Uncle's place. I didn't address nor his phone number. We landed there, and I decided to try my luck with an auto guy to try and reach my uncle's place. To my surprise, we were whisked away there immediately free of cost. Now, thats the kind of good work they've been doing there. And mind you, this is no small town. This is a decently big town having a population of more than 60,000 people.
They constructed a hospital about 3 years back, and they do so many free surgeries, consultings, and medical camps. I'm really proud that they got a mention today.

Read about them here.

I always wonder if I would be able to leave the comforts of a city life, and move to a remote town and setup my life around there for a social cause. The returns are never lucrative.. but then again.. its not all about returns is it?? Damn my MBA.



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