Friday, March 30, 2007

Last exam done!

Phew! I think I'm done with my last exams.. and hopefully my academic life.. forever!
I had absolutely no enthu to prepare for these two exams today. It was a pain.. but the feeling of getting over with them cannot be expressed in words!
Next week, we all get "disoriented" (don't blame me.. thats the official term :-) ). And then graduation day dawns on us on Saturday. And we're expected to get out of here by the 8th.
Time sure does fly by. I just remember setting up my stuff in this room recently.. and already its time to pack them up!

I get to come back for orientation of the next batch though. I'll be a part of the bind-unwind event. It'll be good to interact with the next batch students. I already know some 5-6 of them, and am really looking forward to meeting more people!

But, till then.. its P A R T Y T I M E!



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