Saturday, March 24, 2007


I stumbled upon this website which is blog meant purely for photographs. I decided to start a photoblog too. The site restricts me to post only one picture everyday. Initially I was a little irritated by this restriction, but then I got to realize the value of that. I think 10 times before putting up a picture, because I obviously want my best pictures up there. Automatically, the quality of every picture on my photoblog is increased (by the self-weeding out of crappy pictures). So, someone may ask my why do I need a photoblog when I have a flickr account. Well, for one, flickr shows the pictures too small to my viewers. It cannot do justice to the picture if you can't see it on a much bigger viewing area. Plus, there are already a lot of photo enthusiasts out there on shutterchance, so I thought I"ll experiment with it a bit.

If any of you have the habit of using RSS feeds, you can also rig those up with shutterchance.

See my photoblog here..


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