Saturday, May 05, 2007

Unnale Unnale

(picture from Wikipiedia)

After watching Mozhi, Mayakannadi and Unnale Unnale, the 3 big Tamil movies for the summer so far, I think I like Unnale the best. The songs were good and I liked the star cast. I really liked the 2nd heroine Tanisha in this movie. I think this is her first tamil movie and she's done a great job at it. Very bright, chirpy and energetic performance. Overall a very pleasant watch. The screen play was good in most places except for a 15-20 min span after the interval. It seemed like the director just wanted to add some fillers in the movie to make it the traditional 2hr 45 min Indian movie!

The surprised about the movie was the ending. Without spoiling anyone's movie watching experience, I'll say that finally a Tamil movie is taking a step towards being practical about love and relationships. And guessing by the turnout for the movie a month after its release, I think the average movie going audience is also maturing. Kudos to moving in the right direction.

EDIT : I just found out that Tanisha is actually Kajol's younger sister. She's definitely an upcoming star!

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Anonymous Ganesh Chandrasekaran said...

Omg, Manu, I can't believe you like Unnale Unnale better than Mozhi !!! The movie had potential, thats the only thing I will accept - None of the 3 could act and but for Tanisha, none of the 3 looked good either.....The movie dragged on and on, the scenes were artificial, the acting plastic - the end was the only sensible portion in the entire movie.....

BTW, if u wanna see a good movie - try "Black Friday" on DVD - Saw it yesterday and was awed....

12:45 AM  
Blogger Rhapsoder said...

Lol.. I really did have fun during the movie actually! Laughed quite a bit, whereas I found Mozhi trying hard to make me laugh..

12:07 PM  
Blogger partha said...


In this movie, except the climax, songs and cinematography everything else was a "disaster". Story/Screenplay was totally absent, with many scenes copied from Hindi movies and they seem to have been placed there just to make up time. And the hero, he is an excellent model - but can't act.

Didn't expect this from Jeeva who did a pretty good job in his previous movies.


1:18 AM  

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