Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 2 WCBU 2011 - From the sidelines

We had the pleasure of playing Belgium and the US today, and though we lost both games (obviously! They were totally out of our league), we had a lot of fun. Belgium beat us 13 - 3 (or was it 13 - 4), and US beat us 13 -3. It was good fun having spirit circle huddles happening in the sea, 'cos it was too hot to stand on the sand. We gave Chicken the Tri-color garland and distributed the lungi and dried mango candy to them. They had some goodies for us to. They gave Amberish a USA ultimate hat for being their pick for the best player on our team. Amberish had a superb layout grab score from a throw off Chetan. It was a superb point, with Amberish laying out twice and Chetan once for catches all in the same point.
Against the Belgium team, Paul had a sweet inside out breakmark throw to Amberish for a score, and a Jaidip zipthrow to Abhi across the pitch for a score. Abhi also had a good huck to Chetan who had a super box-out scoring catch over a Belgian who was a good 6 inches taller than him!
Now headed for dinner, and then the floodlight showcase match between Canada and US open masters team, and then finally another party.
Legs feeling better today. Tomm we will be playing Germany and Italy, both again seeded in the top 8. I don't plan to test my playability tomorrow. Will save that for Thursday when we play France and Ireland. We heard that both those teams are more in our league, and will be fighting matches!

And oh, the Blockstack TV interview is now up on

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Blogger Rob said...

I saw Amberish get that layout vs the US - awesome grab!

11:54 PM  
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