Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 3 WCBU 2011

Hmm, what can I say about today. Just a not so good performance by us. We scored a couple of points against Italy, but the second game was a complete washout. Germany beat us 13 - 0. The most clinical defense I've seen so far. Talk about German efficiency eh? :-)
That brings us to two important games tomorrow France and Ireland. France has scored 40+ points over the tournament so far (compared to our 16). Ireland on the other hand has only 12 points scored so far. Let's see.

Last night's showcase game between Canada and the US masters team was well attended. They showed some amaazing athleticism, but US quite wasily vanquished Canada.

Today was a bad day for the US squad. US open team was beaten by Italy 12 - 10. US women's team was beaten on universe point by Great Britain. Brilliant match I thought. Got a chance to watch this from the sidelines. And the other brilliant match I got to watch waqs the US vs. Austria masters game. Austria actually beat the US on universe point. Amazing grit showed by the Austrians. And kudos to the sideline support from the rest of the Austrian squad. Was the best I've seen in any tournament.

The other match I got to see was the Ukraine vs. Austria. Very very poor in spirit I would say from the Ukrainian team. Three or four strip calls in the end-zone on universe point, which were clean Ds! Ukraine went on to win the game. I heard Ukraine has done this in other matches as well. Very poor show. What's the point of winning on poor sportsmanship.

Looking forward to tomorrow's games. I so badly want to play. Let's see!

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