Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Breathless at ISB

Phew!! 3 days have been maddening. This is orientation/party week. We have cultural, sport and team building events. Starting morning 8.30am everyday we've had back to back to back things lined up till about 2.00am next morning (including the parties). We had an awesome party on Monday night thrown to us by the alums (2006 batch). It was raining quite heavily, but party was held still. Party turned out to be one with rain dance :-). Felt liberating!
Ofcourse, the long hours are beginning to tell already. I woke up this morning exhausted, with burning eyes. But, well, I had to be at the mess by 8.15am. I shoved in some food real quickly before heading to the team-building games. Talking about food, I was hoping to lose weight in the next one year at ISB. However, I think if at all anything, it's going to end up the other way around. Every meal at the mess is a buffet. So, at most meals, I find myself eating much more than I would've normally eaten if I were at home. Food's been good so far. Good variety.
Alright, its about 10.45pm now, gotta shower and head for the next party!

Still running Breathless...


Blogger camelpost said...

IIMB will have a Singapore Shanty 4700 Sqft, 3 hour working day and just one faculty to conduct world class Management Education. I wonder if the above meets so called AICTE specifications. On the contrary ISB which has world class facilities at Hyderabad has been questioned by AICTE about maintaining standards. Its time the AICTE joke is called off. AICTE you stand exposed in your standards.

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