Sunday, May 21, 2006

End of the Mid-term Mania!

Finally! The mid-terms passed by. I did well in one and screwed up another. Well, not too shoddy a performance I would say. I still need to get used to the system. I'm sure there are a bunch of people who are already distancing themselves from the pack in terms of grades. Good luck to them!
These are typically the people with big consultation dreams. What we've heard from the previous batch is that McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group don't look anywhere beyond the Dean's List for recruiting. These are typically the most sought after companies every year. So, a lot of people sacrifice all other interests in this one year at ISB and really focus on making it to the Dean's List, which comprises of the people in the top 10% of the class.
I lazed around the whole weekend after the exams. I didn't feel like touching my books till about Sunday evening. Oh... yeah, and the inter-section football tourney was held during the weekend. We got knocked out in the second match. I played as the Goal-Keeper after a long time. Unfortunately for me, I sprained my ankle in between the first and the second matches. I mis-judged the flight of the ball and let an easy flighted ball go through in the second game. This goal could've made the difference in qualifying for the Semis. I guess we'll do better next time.


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